The Life-changing Perspective

In school, we’re often taught that if one option is right, all others are wrong. But does this logic work in real life? Life, my friend, is not a multiple-choice question with a single correct answer.

To understand this better, let’s conduct an experiment:

You’re presented with 12 images, each representing the same symbol but viewed differently by 12 different people. Your task is to determine which perception of the symbol is correct and why.

Images of White Nine, White Comma, White Reverse Comma, White Six, Cream Nine, Cream Comma, Cream Reverse Comma, Cream Six, Yellow Nine, Yellow Comma, Yellow Reverse Comma, Yellow Six

Now, before scrolling further, have you made your decision? Hold onto it or keep reading.

The answer is both surprising and enlightening: All of the above options are correct, and at the same time, incorrect. Each of the 12 individuals perceived the symbol differently due to their unique perspectives and angles of view.

But how does this relate to changing your life? Patience, my friend, read on.

Life mirrors this experiment. We often believe that if we’re right, others must be wrong. We’re conditioned to think that there’s one right answer, like in a school test.

However, in life, there isn’t just one right answer, nor are there only 12 options. There are countless ways to view and approach situations.

In life, there isn’t necessarily one correct option; instead, there are multiple perspectives, all of which can be right or wrong depending on your vantage point.

So, does the school logic work in real life? It’s up to you to decide.

When someone presents a different perspective, try not to be offended or quick to label them as wrong. Recognize that, like the 12 perceptions of the symbol, everyone’s viewpoint is valid in their context.

“The optimum solution can be to discuss with others why you think the way you do and why they see it differently. Together, you can find a solution.”

Does the victory of one person imply the defeat of others? Not necessarily. Life isn’t a zero-sum game where one’s success means another’s failure.

For those who meditate, you might ponder:

Is there an absolute perspective of a situation?

The answer is: It is whatever it is. Don’t categorize it or add labels. View it in its absoluteness.

In the grand tapestry of life, there are no definitive right or wrong answers, only a multitude of perspectives. Embrace this realization, and it can indeed change your perspective on life itself.