Freedom from Addiction” is a transformative guide to understanding and overcoming addiction, written by the insightful Mystic Anmol. Whether trapped in the web of social media or ensnared by other addictive behaviors, readers will find resonance and guidance in this profound journey.

Drawing from personal experiences and universal truths, this book unveils the hidden mechanisms behind addiction, helping readers comprehend its core. But beyond diagnosing the problem, it offers a way out, guiding readers toward self-awareness and liberation through actionable strategies and a clear roadmap to recovery.

More than a self-help book, “Freedom from Addiction” is a call to action, a beacon of hope, and a lifeline for those seeking to reclaim their lives. Mystic Anmol’s wise and empathetic voice, which has inspired many through various life topics, guides you every step of the way.

Join this transformative journey and take the first step toward a life free from addiction. Your path to healing begins here, infused with the ease and inspiration that define Mystic Anmol’s approach to life. Embrace the journey and find joy, understanding, and liberation.

Do you find yourself stuck, unable to unlock your full potential? “The Art of Nothingness: Accessing the Subconscious & Achieving Nirvana” is not just another self-help book; it is a roadmap to your inner universe. Written by Anmol, a mystic who has explored the depths of the mind, this concise guide aims to usher you into the realms of your subconscious—and even the unconscious—mind.

Uncover the myths and mysteries of the mind, learn to unshackle yourself from societal norms, and embark on a transformative journey to self-discovery. Whether you’re a spiritualist interested in the ‘why’ of life, or a materialist more concerned with the ‘what,’ this book has something for everyone.

What’s Inside:

A Step-by-Step Guide: Learn to prepare your mind, anchor your consciousness, and stop unnecessary mental programming.

Two-Way Street: Understand the intricate relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Healing the Past: Confront unresolved emotions and traumas to clear your path to the future.

Art of Nothingness: Master the unique technique that allows you to defocus in order to focus better.

Ethical and Spiritual Considerations: Explore the moral implications of tapping into subconscious powers.

“The Art of Nothingness” is not a pill for instant results; it’s a pathway that requires your active participation. It serves both as an introduction for beginners and a refresher for those already on their spiritual journey. Prepare to challenge your beliefs, change your outlook, and awaken to a new state of being.