How to Conquer Fear: The Way to be free of it.


Before we delve into methods on how to conquer fear, it’s essential to understand what fear is. By definition, fear is an unpleasant emotion triggered by the anticipation of danger, pain, or harm.

Generally, fear is categorized into two types:

Real Fear
Psychological Fear

Real fear is universal, while psychological fear varies from person to person. However, both forms of fear inhibit us from taking decisive action.

For example:

A) Not everyone is afraid of dogs, suggesting it’s a psychological fear.
B) In the event of a terror attack, the fear of being a casualty is common to all – categorizing it as real fear.

Having defined and categorized fear, let’s explore strategies to overcome them.


Overcoming Psychological Fear

Psychological fear originates from our minds, so naturally, conquering it involves mental effort. The operative phrase here is “Face it.” You might wonder, “But how do I face it?” Let’s break it down:

In much the same way “steel is cut by a sharper steel,” we need to use a stronger psychological force to conquer fear. This stronger force could be faith in a higher power, love, or a personal goal – essentially, anything that instils courage within you.

The next time you encounter psychological fear:

Close your eyes for 2 seconds and focus on your ‘sharper steel.’
This focus will provide the necessary energy to face the fear.
Open your eyes and take decisive action.
Remember, in moments of fear, your actions determine whether you’ll be a conqueror or be conquered.

Tackling Real Fear

To conquer real fear, the most effective strategy is to take precautions.

Avoid dangerous situations as much as possible and try to mitigate the risk if you can.

For instance, if a volcano is predicted to erupt or a terrorist attack is underway in your city, your first course of action should be to ensure your safety.

In summary

Fear is an awareness of others’ capabilities, whereas courage and peace come from the awareness of one’s own abilities.


So, what will you choose to be – a conqueror or the conquered?

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