How to Deal with Difficult Times in Life: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Are you currently facing challenging times in your life? Are you wrestling with difficult situations and encountering seemingly insurmountable obstacles? If the answer is yes, then this post is dedicated to you.

To unravel the answer, let’s embark on a thought experiment together.

Imagine a fish swimming in the vast ocean. This fish has a goal – to reach the other side of the ocean, where fellow fishes await. However, during her journey, she repeatedly encounters powerful waves that relentlessly push her two steps back for every two steps forward. Despite these setbacks, the fish refuses to give up.

In this scenario, there are other fishes around her. Some mock her, some motivate her to persevere and fight against the waves. What do you think the fish should do?

Before we reveal the answer, consider this: What was the size of the fish relative to the waves? Was the fish smaller, equal, or larger than the waves? Most would agree that the fish was smaller.

Now, let’s contemplate what would happen if the fish were bigger than the waves. In that case, would the waves have the power to push her back?

Now, let’s view this situation from a different perspective. Why do you think nature presented these waves in the fish’s path? Did it intend for the fish, a part of itself, to remain stagnant? Most likely not.

Nature, or you may call it the universe or a higher power, placed these waves as an opportunity for the fish. It was either time for the young fish to improve and evolve or for the fish to reassess her true destiny. Was reaching the other side really her purpose, or did she need to explore a different path?

So, what should the fish do now? The answer lies within the fish herself. Each fish is unique, with a unique destiny. Only the fish can discover this destiny, and no one else can do it for her. The fish must introspect, find her calling, and determine if the path she’s on aligns with her true desires. If it does, she must understand that the same actions won’t yield different results. She must adapt, evolve, and change her approach.

But what if the fish can’t find the answer immediately? In such situations, it’s best to keep introspecting and improving. The day she finds her answer, she can adjust her course accordingly.

Now, you might wonder about the other fishes who offer encouragement or discouragement. Truthfully, they don’t matter. In any game, it’s often the audience that makes the most noise. These spectators may not understand the game, yet they cheer or jeer. Similarly, in life, some people may criticize or discourage, but their opinions hold little weight. If the fish pays too much attention to these other fishes, she’ll waste valuable time debating and trying to silence them. Meanwhile, the waves will continue to push her back. She could have spent that time focusing on her personal growth.

In the end, the only person you can rely on entirely is yourself. You are not merely the fish in the story; you are the sea, the universe. Waves may come and go, as will situations and people, but in the grand scheme of things, you will prevail.

Note: The following lines are for those who dive deeper.

What mindset allows you to navigate any wave without being affected by it? To answer this, you must first reflect on who you were in the life experiment.

Remember, you are not just the fish; you are the sea, the universe itself. Waves may come and go, and fishes may come and go (representing situations and people), but in the grand tapestry of existence, nothing truly matters.