Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have anxiety? Do you want to overcome it? If yes, continue reading.

Understanding Anxiety

Before we dive into dealing with anxiety, let’s understand what anxiety is. Anxiety is the body’s response to the fight or flight instinct. It arises when you feel threatened, and this threat can be physical, psychological, or emotional. When you experience a threat, your body alerts itself and releases hormones to help you deal with or avoid the threat. This is known as the fight or flight response, and its purpose is to keep you safe.

Is Anxiety Bad?

You might wonder whether anxiety is a bad thing. These hormones will remain active until your brain is convinced that you are safe. But how does the brain know when you are safe? It’s when you feel safe. If you’ve experienced anxiety, you may have noticed that even after the threat is gone, you remain in a state of anxiety for some time.

This is why various techniques, such as deep breathing and other activities, are recommended to combat anxiety. These activities, along with positive memories, can help your brain feel safe. They are useful in dealing with anxiety after a physical threat has been resolved or during the onset of an anxiety or panic attack.

The Root of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks primarily occur due to psychological and emotional threats. Those who experience them may notice that each successive attack feels more severe than the last. Why is this? It’s because past emotional and psychological threats were never fully addressed; instead, they were buried in your mind.

Medicines vs. Long-Term Solutions

Now, you might ask, can medications solve anxiety? Medicines work by suppressing the hormones your body produces to combat threats. While they may seem effective in the short run, they cannot provide a permanent solution. They interfere with the body’s natural coping mechanisms and may have side effects.

The Solution Within

The solution to anxiety can often be found within the problem itself. Here’s a step-by-step approach:

  1. If you’re currently experiencing an anxiety episode, begin by calming yourself through methods available online, such as deep breathing. You may also consider taking medication if prescribed.
  2. Find a quiet place and sit there quietly until your mind starts to calm down.
  3. Observe yourself and try to understand why you felt threatened. Is it due to a psychological or emotional threat? Identify what triggered it.
  4. Listen to the reasons that arise and try to understand them. This process can help you find the root cause of your anxiety.
  5. Once you understand the root cause, the solution often presents itself. Your brain can work to heal past buried emotions and threats.
  6. Afterward, focus on finding a way to prevent it from happening again by addressing the root cause of the threat.
  7. Finally, appreciate yourself. Self-compassion can provide a soothing effect.

This process can be more effective when done with the support of another person, especially someone who understands and cares for you.

Important Note

If you’ve been taking medication for anxiety, do not stop it abruptly. Continue taking prescribed medications until you’ve resolved the underlying issues completely from their roots.

Remember, healing from anxiety is a process, and with understanding and self-compassion, you can overcome it.